Skerry launched

After many adventures the skerry 'LOLLeePop' was launched.

Here are a some pics (, if they don't show in the message).

Total build time: ~150 hours over 50 days (includes sailing kit and finishing).

Lessons learned:

  • being careful with the thickened epoxy can save many hours of sanding pain (among others, I made the mistake of filling the wire holes before epoxying the hull)
  • varnish goes down easier with a brush than with a foam brush (the latter was a heart breaking disaster)
  • varnish doesn't cure in 24 hours (lots of bruises will need to be fixed after the maiden voyage)
  • the estimates (brushes, paint, varnish, etc.) the CLC folks gave me were quite a bit off (the skerry is bigger than a kayak) - just buy extras upfront to save on shipping fees.

Now the hard work starts getting ready for America's Cup next year :)




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RE: Skerry launched

Congratulations on the launch. I'm looking forward to getting mine in the water, too!


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