end pour reductions

What do I lose by reducing the "end pour" to a small 1 oz glob of thickened epoxy pushed into the end with a stick?  My builder's manual calls for 6 oz of unthickened epoxy poured into each stem.  I'd lose 5 oz of weight on each stem.  BTW, the sheer clamps on the hull extend right to the ends of the hull and will receive another small glob of thickened epoxy to provide structure and a base to accept the luggage type handles seen on the West River 18.

wup.  I can screw the luggage handles into the sheer clamps! 

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RE: end pour reductions

You lose not very much!

In my CH18 I only put about 3/4oz into each end - but I did push a piece of tape into the end, then poured in just enough epoxy to cover it all up.


It is strong, and as I didn't plan to drill holes thru for a rope handle, it was an unnecessary step.

RE: end pour reductions

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In retrospect, I should have used a bit of 10oz cross bias stitched tape, soaked in epoxy then pused into each end, as soon as it went off pour in just enough epoxt as to fill the weave and cover any sharp bits. would be a lot lighter and far stronger than the unnecessary weight.


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