RC Independence

I started my Independence two years ago and due to life getting in the way, I've only recently picked up on finishing her.  I see there haven't been any new posts about the Independence since my last ones so that tells me not many folks are building her.  That's a shame because she's a fun build.  If anyone is considering a build, let me know, I'll be happy to help. 

In any event I thought I'd post some progress pics for any of you who might be thinking of building her.

All I have left is the assembly and rigging of the sails and we're ready to go. I'll post more pics shen she's completed.

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RE: RC Independence

OOPs, it looks like my Indy pics aren't where they should be...sorry folks...I'll have a look at re-posting them.

RE: RC Independence

Fixed it!  Pics of Indy progress can now be viewed.  Just click the link in the first post.

RE: RC Independence

   I have posted that I need to borrow the sail plan for the Independence. Do you have for loan?

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