Project halt

Today it was 105 degress with no real end in sight. I had planned to glass the deck of my NH hybird but even my shop is 98 degrees. I will say it has allowed me the opportunity to sand, sand, and sand. Plus, I have been cutting slivers of matching strips to fill in the gaps between some of my strips. I hate that I can't move forward with glassing becuase of the heat but I can do a tremendous amount of cosmetic work. I am sure some of you are in the same boat as me, no pun intended.


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RE: Project halt

  It gets worse. I'm sitting at the kitchen counter with the laptop, can't use the living room because it's full of sawhorses with a 12' WD on them. Dining roon is full of epoxy and such. Neighbors don't get it. The final coat of epoxy is curing on the duck now and I think I can do the bottom treatment and paint outside tomorrow. Pretty strong warnings about well ventilated areas and respirators on those cans.

   High temps here in FL also w/ adhesive humidity. Oh yeah, maybe a hurricane out there too. At least I put the finish on hold and got some play time in with her last week.

  Got dem wood boat blues.

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