Has anyone here tried the "Creature Comfort Seat"?. I currently use an NRS "mild" Hot Seat, with an extra 3/4" layer of minicell. I carved round depressions to in the minicell to fit my tailbones, but the arrangement is still only comfortable for the first  45 minutes or so-after that, I experience some numbness in the feet. I may have some circulation issues after 19 years of standing at my job.

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RE: Seat

I love the CC seat, it's the only seat I've used for the last 9 years. I started out with one in my non-CLC pirogue, then put one into my WD12 when I built that. Longest I've used it at a stretch is an 8-hr, 22-mile trip on the upper Patuxent River. My normal paddling outings are about 5 hrs on the water.

Can't guarantee how well it'd work for you, especially if what you're looking at is circulation vs. nerve issues, but it's definitely been worth it for me.




RE: Seat

As usual, I agree with Lazlo. The CLC seat is as comfortable as it is ugly. I am sitting on one in my office as I type this. Consider also carving your own from a block of 3" foam. I made one in a short evening. Photos and description at near the bottom of the page. -Wes

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