Carbon Fiber

I am getting ready to glass the deck of my Night Heron hybird. I did not do a good job with the strips that connect to the cockpit apron. Believe me, it is not pretty. I am going to use carbon fiber to overlay my mistakes. I layed it out and looked at it and it looks pretty good. I am thankful I can cover up some bad mistakes. My question is: do I glass the entire deck then lay the carbon fiber over the  regular glass, or do I lay the carbon fiber and just butt it up against the kit supplied glass. Thanks


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RE: Carbon Fiber


Put thr carbon cloth down first, then cover it with the fiberglass. It is very easy to sand into the carbon cloth and ruin the appearance. Having a layer of 4 oz over it will keep it safe from the inevitable bo-bo while sanding.

The Petrel has carbon on the interior. A layer of carbon and glass on the recess, The coaming and risers are wrapped in 4 oz which extends onto the recess. The glass acutally enhanced the look of the carbon fiber.


RE: Carbon Fiber

Second the above advice. Very wise to put the carbon under the glass. The glass will add a layer of protection.

RE: Carbon Fiber

Thanks, that was what i was thinking but wanted to make sure.


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