bias cut glass

Any tricks to keeping bias cut cloth (or any cloth for that matter where you're wetting out to the edge of the cloth) from fraying during the wetting out process other than blue tape? SEEYA Jack

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RE: bias cut glass

Pinking shears are supposed to help, but I've never tried them.



RE: bias cut glass

I don't know which blue tape method you're using, some put the tape directly over the dry cloth before wetting, but here's a link to a different method that's been around quite a while.  I used this method on my deck glass edges, found it to be very easy and effective.

RE: bias cut glass

A postscript to my previous message.....

 This method won't really prevent the edges from fraying, it just lets you avoid wetting the cloth all the way to the edges, just wet it onto the underlying tape.  If you can keep your epoxy squeegee/roller/brush away from the edge of the glass cloth, you've done much to avoid the frazzled mess.

RE: bias cut glass

Thanks all, I'm already using the method Ken suggested. I just thought that with all those great minds out there that there might be something magic. SEEYA Jack

RE: bias cut glass


Use a roller to apply the epoxy.  It will keep ithe cloth from unraveling and fraying.



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