Launched my Guillemot Play

I launched my first all stripper yesterday. The boat came in at 33 lbs 8 ozs. fully rigged. Designed weight is 38 lbs. Paddles great. Hopefully I will be getting rolling lessons soon.

IMG_2134.jpg image by barrypark

Striper032.jpg image by barrypark

My 1st build, WD-12 and 2nd build, Guillemot together.

IMG_2108-1.jpg image by barrypark

Thanks CLC for all of your help.


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RE: Launched my Guillemot Play

RE: Launched my Guillemot Play

  Very well done, beautiful boats! Love the colors of the WD and the detail in the Guillemot gives it a very graceful look.

 Thanks for posting the pics.

  What type of paddle is that?

RE: Launched my Guillemot Play

Great boats, Barry!

Where'd you find that lovely blue water?

RE: Launched my Guillemot Play

Awesome looking boats and inspirational! Good work.

RE: Launched my Guillemot Play

WOW !!!  Berry,  That is a beautiful Kayak !!!

They are both beautiful.  And 33 lbs.  That is incredible !!!

Our Guillemot finished at 39 lbs.  I used 6 oz. cloth and some hardwood on the deck.

Have fun learning to roll.  I just got my spray skirt today, so I am eager to learn myself.


RE: Launched my Guillemot Play

Thanks guys.

Paddle is a Sawyer Sea Feather V-lam with a crank shaft. Really like it.

The water is Canyon Lake, TX at the Lake Canyon Yacht Club. If anyone is ever in this area, just look me up and you are welcome as my guest.

RE: Launched my Guillemot Play

Great build, I like the unique pattern-much more visually striking than the Usual Stuff.

RE: Launched my Guillemot Play

33.5 lbs. , that is fantastic, not to mention that the boat design is beautiful!!

I am about half way thru my first build (CH16)and trying to do everything I can to save weight. Do you have any personal tips?

I'd like to build a stripper myself, but I'm humbled by some of the boat designs that I've seen on this sight.



RE: Launched my Guillemot Play

Hi Mike,

I have always tried to be weight conscience. A fellow builder told me to carve cedar wedges for the ends, instead of using end pours. I have also been very careful in the wet-out of the cloth, and not letting the epoxy get too thick. The small amount of fillets that I used, were as small as I could possibly make them.

This was my first full stripper, and was also a bit intimidated by other's results.  I just took my time, enjoyed the process, and thought of what I could do to make it artistic.

RE: Launched my Guillemot Play


Beautiful boats!!  I am planning on building a second Wood Duck Hybrid.  your deck looks like it has more contrast than my first duck.  Did you start with a kit or did you find/cut your own cedar strips?  Are all the strips cedar?  Did you dye any strips?



RE: Launched my Guillemot Play

They look great, and I know you are proud to paddle something you made with your own hands!

Can't wait to paddle my Night Heron that is about 1/2 done!

Super Job,

Chris F

RE: Launched my Guillemot Play


The WD-12H was a kit, and I used the 3 different colors of wood that were in the kit. No stain or dye.



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