Wax Removal

I want to apply a fresh, touch-up coat of varnish, but when I originally finished my 'yak, I got kind of excited and applied a coat of Turtle Wax With Carnauba. Since use, I have occasionally noticed some wax blushing or sloughing off, and I simply wiped it away. I plan on wet sanding before recoating. Does anyone know what solvent or technique will effectively remove the wax? I'm sure I have to get it all off before I dare recoat, but this junk is made to stay ON. I'm afraid that if i don't get it all off, and try to sand anyway, I'll just be spreading wax around.

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RE: Wax Removal

Alert! Some car waxes have silicone, which is a bigger problem than just wax. When I used to paint cars, I used a product called wax and silicone remover. You should be able to find it at a place that sells car paint and finishing supplies. As always, test a small area first.

Cheers, Pat

RE: Wax Removal

Agree with Pat.   alot of the waxes today have a wide range of fill parts.  surface prep is another product and pretty much removes everything. once again, test a small area.

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