Guillemot launching

After some months of work I finished the build, and was able to launch my Guillemot today. I named it "zen" - to make one is more important than to have one. The seat I use is a wooden racing kayak seat made by GEES in England - but I have already the plans from Nick Schade to build my own :-).

The boat is really excellent, and its very fast, too. I think I'll made a second one soon.

The build process can be found here today. This will be moved to my new website soon.

Guillemot on river Aare, Switzerland




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RE: Guillemot launching

What a beauty!  I launched my wood duck 12 on July 3rd and am already looking forward to boat number 2.  I learned alot,  one kayak is pretty lonely. I think it will be even more fun to be able to take family and friends out with 2 boats!

Keep up the good work


RE: Guillemot launching

beautiful boat.

RE: Guillemot launching

Your Guillemot is beautiful !!!

We just put ours in the water two weeks ago. We love it.

The Guillemot is so beautiful with it's sleek lines and curves. That beauty is hard to see in photos, but in real life it jumps out and grabs you.

Every time we take it to the lake people stop and take a good look.

Have a blast and I hope that you build another one too. I plan to build a second one.


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