Guillemot Launch

Today Donna and I put the Guillemot in the water for the first time. We are both new to kayaking. Last summer we launched a WD 12 Hybrid. But this is our first paddle with a sea kayak.

What a great design !!!  Thanks to Nick Schade for such a fun kayak.

I built the Guillemot from the lofting charts in Nick's book.  I started last October and then started working on a Petrel in the winter.  I worked on both at the same time until spring. Then I focused on just the Guillemot so that I could finish in time for summer. I am About to start working on the Petrels deck soon.

Thanks to all the great people on this fourm.  I learn so much  here.

Lou and Donna

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RE: Guillemot Launch

Congrats Lou.  That is an amazing looking and unique scratch build kayak.

 Glad to hear the wife likes it so much. 

37mpg with a trailer in tow isnt bad either.  You should be able to take them all over the country with that.

RE: Guillemot Launch

Looks great Lou! 

RE: Guillemot Launch

looks great  you better get the petrel done so you can enjoy a great build, or have a chance to paddle the Guillemot 

I love my Petrel


RE: Guillemot Launch

Looks great Lou!

Keep up the good work to finish your Petrel, and I bet it will turn out as good as your Guillemot.

No, it will be better, because you will have two boats to put in the water at one time. It is best never to boat alone!

Chris F

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