Aligning the side panels

I'm a first time builder using an Oxford Scull kit. The plans show how to properly align the bottom panels but I'm not certin how to align the side panels using the plans. Any help would be appreciated.

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RE: Aligning the side panels

Align them to what? If you mean where they attach to the bottom panels at the chine, then section views on the plans show the inside edges meeting to leave a nice clean "V" gap which is filled and contoured.

I found as I tightened the joint it wanted to slip a little bit so the side panel is slightly overlapped with the edge of the bottom panel. This worked fine for me. I think the most important thing to watch is that the line of the chine is fair. Differences in how you align the joint as you go down the panel will result in an unattractive, wavy chine line.

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