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Hi all,

 I'm building a WD10 hybrid and I'm afraid i've already screwed the pooch.  I'll spare you the details, to get the the point I assembled the first 4 puzzle joints and added epoxy and fiberglass WITHOUT adding the silica to the suggested mustard consistency.  Is there a fix for this or am I S.O.L?  Will it effect the strength or longevity of the boat?  I have relatively little experience with composites so i'm at square 1 here.  ANY suggestions appreciated, and please, the last thing i need to hear right now is "read the directions stupid."  Im completely broken hearted about making such a stupid mistake so early on.  Won't do that again!!  That being said whats done is done, now can I fix it or do I need to just start over or move on?  Thanks for any help in advance!

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RE: First mistake advice

Don't lose any sleep over this. Your joints might be a bit less strong but still plenty strong enough by the time to get the whole boat together. The bad news is you will make other mistakes; the good news is there is almost nothing you can do building a kayak that can't be fixed or ignored. -Wes

RE: First mistake advice

I don't think so. Worst case is you sand the fiberglass off and redo them. I did my own scarf joints and glued them together with just the epoxy (no glass or silica). I would assume for the puzzle joints you need the glass to strengthen it, but don't think if you missed the silica yet had the fiberglass it would make a big difference.

By the time you do anpther fiberglass layer on the full outside of the deck and hull, it should be strong enough.

I would confirm that with someone who used the puzzle joints though.


Best of luck

RE: First mistake advice

I  use the thickened stuff with scarf joints but I just use fiberglass and reg. epoxy on the puzzle joints. All is well friend, relax!

RE: First mistake advice

Thanks so much for the feedback...and so fast!!  I keep laughing with the wife that my decision to go with clc boats was more about this forum and their phone support than the boat itself.  Between waiting for it to come in and having to empty my shed and work in 110 degree heat to get it done...i'm becoming pretty attached to this boat.  Great to hear I didn't F it up before I even finished step 1 :-)  Well, onto the next mistake then, i'll keep the forum posted on my progress.  If there happen to be any clergymen reading this......please.....pray for me.  Sorry friends, but this may be a long build and many more posts.  I'll keep trying to search before I post my next big debacle.  Thanks again all!!

RE: First mistake advice

Here are my lessons learned from building both a Mill creek 16 and a wood duck 12

· Building a stitch and glue boat is more chemistry than carpentry.

· It’s a 2-1 ratio for resin and hardener…”do not think otherwise”

· White vinegar will remove wet epoxy from hair and skin.

· A good barber can remove dried epoxy from hair.

· Drill-fill-drill.

· Learn to love wearing rubber gloves.

· Spring clamps: buy 30, then go back and buy 30 more.

· Learn to love sanding, even when its 10 pm on a work night.

· Use “Interlux” paint, read the label. Then read the label again and visit the company’s website.

· Blue painters tape and 3M Fine-line tape, know the difference between them.

· Less is more when applying: epoxy, primer, paint and varnish.

RE: First mistake advice

Acouple of suggestions to add to toolboxtoons

1.   have plenty of cups, stirring items

2.    time management is important   try to leave extra time.  If you think it will take an hour, it will probably take 2.

3.  lots of sandpaper.  a package of 5 sheets will never be enough 

4.  This is fun.  enjoy every moment.

RE: First mistake advice

As for building/mixing "tools", buy good quality gloves.  If you are close to a dollar store, get the small DIXI  drinking cups; lots of mixing cups for little money.  And, five minutes on a table saw with scrap wood will result in lots of free stir sticks.  AND CLAMPS.  Lots & lots of clamps.  Home Depoe has perfect sized spring clampe (green) for a dollar each.....   Figure about how many you will need, DOUBLE that & you will only be a few shy....   ~BRUCE~

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