blush I assume

Before and after shots. One coat of epoxy applied for the trip home, looked great when placed on top of truck, looked great the next AM when leaving for home, looked like hell at the end of the first day traveling through rain and one hell of a hail storm.

I have tried washing the white off with Dawn and water using a scrub pad, next effort with be with a scotchbright pad. It does not feel sticky soft or waxy, cannot leave a finger nail print in it so I wonder does all the discoloration need to come of.

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RE: blush I assume

Does it turn clear again when wet?  If so, scuff it with 220 sand paper and continue on.  That appearance looks like what sanded epoxy normally looks like. 

RE: blush I assume

If epoxy gets too wet before it fully cures it will turn white.  Your epoxy was definitely not fully cured, so my guess is that is what happened.  I had this happen to me a couple of times and the only way I was able to remove the white was to sand the epoxy until that layer was removed.  

RE: blush I assume

Washed a test area with scotchbrite and than wet sanded with 220, sanded very easy. Wet the area and it looks clear so I think I am ok and should be able to get a good bond with the next filler coat. I HOPE

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