Final expoy sand question

I've finally glassed, epoxied, epoxied and epoxied the WD and am doing the final sand before I paint + varnish.

In some spots to get it smooth I have sanded down to the glass, and in a several other spots there are still some 'pits' where the dips down. Most the size of a peppercorn, maybe 1-2 mm deep.

Two questions:

1) Do I need to do another thin epoxy coat over where I sanded to the glass? I am planning on bottom-paint + color paint + varnish, so think I will be ok. However it is better to check and fix it now, instead of sanidng it back down later on. 

2) for the small pits should I float epoxy into filling the, or just leave them and assume they will be filled with the paint + varnish. I'm not sure if the final finish will reflect any of the pits, which is what I am most worried about.


 My slow progress is here:

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RE: Final expoy sand question

The pits will show through if not sanded till they disappear. 

If you just get down to the glass but dont disrupt the weave you are fine but go no farther than that.   

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