3/4" rabbit bit

 Having problems trying to source a 3/4 inch rabbit bit for my router.  every were i have been  only supplies 1/2 inch.

So has any one know where i might get a 3/4 inch rabbit with bearing so that i can get my Northeaster panels finished.  it would have to be via internet sales as i don't live in the US.


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RE: 3/4" rabbit bit

Whiteside make one that might work for you. Try #41959. 

George W.

RE: 3/4" rabbit bit

 Thank you for the quick response to my problem. i have been to the website's mentioned but alas they will not ship to Canada. they would not even let me pay from here and deliver to an american address. so now i'am stuck with unfinished boat parts and no router bit to finish.  look's like i'll have to try and butcher a way around this. pity CLC don't sell the router bits for their boat plans.


RE: 3/4" rabbit bit

  it's ok i have found another supplier that will post to Canada.  Not cheap this router after postage and tax comes to $83.00 US nearly as much as the plans to build the Northeaster.

RE: 3/4" rabbit bit

I found one through a company called Magnate on Ebay for about $40 including shipping.  I did have to add a sub base to my router as the bit would not fit through the opening in the base(permanently affixed as it is a pounge router)  It worked well once set up.  John also suggested using a flush cutting bit with a guide - should work okay with caution at the ends.  Barry

RE: 3/4" rabbit bit

I found that an electric planner will perform the rabbits just fine.  You can get one for the same price as one of these router bits, and you can do allot more with the planner other than rabbit.

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