Fillet advice

Anybody have a tip for reaching in and doing the deck to hull fillets up by the bow....the good news is that "older and wiser is somewhat true, but older and wider is also!" 

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RE: Fillet advice

Three things:

1) make yourself a digit extender.  I used tongue depressers (bought at dollar store), got a piece of scrap, about 1/2" square, 2 feet or so long.  cut the end on a 45 and duct taped a tongue depresser on.  worked amazingly well. 

2) do tack welds and remove the wires.  It is WAY easier to fillet when you are not bumping up over the wires.

3) turn your boat up-side down and sit on the floor.  You did not mention what you were building but if you are doing deck to hull fillets, then I am guessing a Wood Duck or Shearwater.  I did the above with my WD12 and it worked very well.  I also did a digit extender with a brissle brush for taping.  soaked the tape and used the brush to push/poke it into place.

hope this helps.

RE: Fillet advice

What David said. Here's a picture of the extenders I used leaning against my WD12 for scale. They're a brush, a flat scraper and a rounded scraper. Click on the picture for a close-up.

Good luck,


RE: Fillet advice

Thanks...I had the WD12 on it's side and was able to do all but the last 2 1/2 feet at the bow...smoothing the fillets was not a problem, getting the epoxy somewhat neatly in the seam was where I was running into difficulty...turning the boat upside down eliminated the issues which were basically putting epoxy on the spatula and then twisting and turning to get it into the boat , then repeating that process over and over..thanks again.

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