Northeaster Dory

   with great enjoyment i am now building my dory from the plans received some weeks ago. have made contact with other owners and they are giving me some good advice about the build.

 i have to ask one question reguarding the bouyancy. has any one been swamped and had to reboard and bail out. if so how much freeboard was available and was it easy to bail without further water coming onboard.  reason for askiing as i will be sole sailer in my boat and was wondering if i should at a later stage attach emergency floatation bags.   my sailing would be in the great lakes and it could be a long swim back to shore.



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RE: Northeaster Dory

My dear Pugwash, Seaman Staines here. So good to hear from you after all these years. Capsize, or bottoms up as Roger the Cabin Boy referred to it, is a definite possibility as you know. I too am building a dory and my calculations suggest that the flotation called for in the plans should be enough. Oh the joy to sail on the Black Pig again. Blistfully, Seaman Staines

RE: Northeaster Dory

 Well you must have been brought up on Capt Pugwash in the 1970's BBC TV. the only reason i chose the name was due to my sea service with the navy some years ago. AHH! those were the days.

  i did actualy sail with a fellow motorman who's name was darren stainer on the RFA Sir Galahad. he was a great chap who could take a joke and give them.


RE: Northeaster Dory

Actually I never saw it. I had a cockney second engineer who grew up on it and kept my whole crew in stitches all the time telling about it. Funny guy, he went through 5 lbs. of sugar in his tea on an 8 day passage once and never shut up. SEEYA Jack

RE: Northeaster Dory

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