Forming the deck on Shearwater 17

I am having trouble locating the deck former that goes just forward of the cockpit. I see a set of double holes in the shear panel, but the semi-circular former seems too wide for the deck at that point. There are also some double holes further back toward the cockpit, but at that point the former seems too small. Since it takes "a man and a boy" to bend the deck singlehandedly, I can't tell if I'm fighting to put the deck former in the "wrong" location, or if its just always difficult. Can anyone who's built a Shearwater give me the location, in inches, from the front of the cockpit, for the deck former?

CLC admits that they only drill 90-95% of the holes for you, but it seems like they occasionally skip a few that  show you where your'e supposed to be. I'd dill my own holes, as londg as I knew I was bending the deck in the right place, and not struggling to put it in the wrong place.

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RE: Forming the deck on Shearwater 17

OOPS! Sorry for this silly post! I think I hadthe shear panels & deck pieces aligned wrong! Moral: don't work on the kayak when your'e tired...

RE: Forming the deck on Shearwater 17

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This MUST be you


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