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 i'am new to the forum and have recently ordered the plans and manual for the Northeaster Dory.   i signed up for an account so that i could read the forums and try to find if there are any builders in or around Ottawa Canada.       When i tried te Builders Club link and typed in the post code i get an error message. So i ask if the Builders Club is just US based? many thanks

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RE: Builders Club

Capt, that was my experience too.  I'm based just outside of Toronto.  Perhaps we should start a Canadian chapter.  I launched MY Wife's WD12 last year with plans and material in the barn to build a C18.  I cannot answer any specific Nor'easter questions, but happy to help out with any general construction issues.  I do pass through Ottawa on business at least once a month, drop me a line some time and we can compare notes.  david at dragonsong dot ca

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