Short on FG tape

Where did I go wrong, I am about to tape the hull/deck seams on my WD10 and I am short on fiberglass tape.  I only have enough to do one side.

 I taped the hull seams, the deck seams as shown.  What gives?



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RE: Short on FG tape

Hey Chris.   It happened to me as well.  I built a Wood Duck 12 and was short on tape and wire.  Not enough to cause a fuss.  I just went to a hardware store & got wire, then to a marine store and got more 3 or 4" tape. Al in all, CLC is a great company and I will do business with them again in the (Hopefully) near future...   ~BRUCE~

RE: Short on FG tape

Yup, I ran out of wire too but thats easy enough to find at craft stores.  Here in central Indiana I cant find anyone local that sells fiberglass tape not even the local west marine an hour away so its pretty annoying to run out when my two days off work are the next two and I just ran out of material. Thats why I bought a kit in the first place.  I dont want to be chasing down parts and supplies.  Charge what you have to for the kits but give me enough of the required materials.

Not meaning to sound like I am knocking CLC, just suggestions for the suggestion box.  I'm still a happy customer, like any company, they should welcome the feedback.  I also wanted to make sure I didnt make a mistake on my end.

RE: Short on FG tape

I ran out of strips building my Petrel. I made one phone call to CLC and had all the strips i needed  by the next week . They are the Best

RE: Short on FG tape


Dexter's post is the way to go. Click on the "Customer Service" link at the top of this page and get in touch with CLC. Wire, woodflour and epoxy are consumables that beginners routinely run out of (and that experienced builders end up with leftovers of), but you should never run out of wood or glass (unless you make a big mistake somewhere) Sounds like your kit was accidently packed short. CLC has always been very good about making good on incomplete kits, so just get in touch with customer service and let them know what happened.

While CLC employees (and occasionally the owner) read this forum, it's much more reliable to use the customer service link when there's a problem.



RE: Short on FG tape

If there is any difficulty with CLC and I don't think there will be, there are 2 alternatives, Trim your own strip from what will be scrap cloth, or contact me back channel at edwardbrubaker    gmail and give me an address how many feet you need and i can probably mail you leftover from 2 chesapeaks.


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