Graphite bottoms...

So, my wood duck 12 is almost finished.  I plan on applying two coats of graphite & epoxy to the bottom.  I know several of you folks have already done this.  My questions are as follows....

1). I know the amounts are 50/50.  For one coat, how much should I mix up?

 2). How is it best applied?

 3).  How long a time span between coats?

4). And finally, how soon after the second coat can it be exposed to water?


In her honor, I plan on launching on January 10th, my late Mother's birthday so I'd greatly appreciate feedback sooner than later.   THANK YOU....   ~Tugbruce~

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RE: Graphite bottoms...

Hey Bruce,

I like the 50/50 by volume mix, but other folks have used10-30% graphite. My preference is based on how works here in the rivers around the Chesapeake - sand/mud bottoms with some oyster shells and gravel. Folks in areas with rocky bottoms seem to prefer less graphite. Don't go below 10% or it won't really work that well. You need a good amount of graphite to make the boat slip over the rocks  stuff, rather than get caught on it.

6 ounces (3 ounces resins + hardener, 3 ounces powder) will easily do a WD12, depending on how thick you put it on.

I like using a short nap roller and then tipping it out with a foam brush.

As soon as the first coat is tacky you can put on the second.

It can go in the water as soon as it's cured beyond tacky and is hard enough so that you can't dent it with a fingernail. Depending on the temperature that can take 1 day to a month.

Have fun, looking forward to hearing about your launch.





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