Get excess glue removed

For glue that dripped on strakes, I understand I can use a heat gun to remove glue with a scraper of some/any sort. 

1.   What about excess glue right in the seam of the strakes?  A hand held sander is too sloppy around the wood I've found, takes too much wood off and takes forever.  Can I heat the seam (to an extent) and scrape some glue off?

 2.  Down the keel on the inside of the boat... Any ideas to make the job easier?  Again the hand sander seems inadequate and causing sloppy "grooves" on innocent unglued wood.  (for not watching other end of sanding block). 

The only other tool I have is a mouse sander.  Will try that after work today, but looking for experienced advice on how much liberty do I have in cured joints with a heat gun to remove excess glue.


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RE: Get excess glue removed

You can shave excess epoxy from surfaces using many light strokes with a sharp scraper. Applying heat itsn't necessary. I like carbide blade scrapers because they don't need frequent resharpening.

Cheers, Grant

RE: Get excess glue removed

Thanks, I'm thinking one would have to order a carbide blade scraper.  I started making faster progress when I pulled my head out of my butt and quit sanding the keel area that will be covered up by the stern seat.... lol!

 A small 1"/1" block about 4 inches long works okay when using the corner of the  block in the seams.  Gets most of the glue out, but not quit all of it, which I'm thinking you can't get all of it without taking a lot of wood with it.

RE: Get excess glue removed

I'd be surprised if your local big box store, hardware store, or possibly paint store doesn't sell handled scrapers with replaceable carbide blade inserts. Probably right next to the putty knives, etc.

I plan to never be without one!


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