Night Heron Hybird

My kit should arrive today !!!!!!!. I built the SW 17 S & G last year, this is my second build. I will post some updates as I go along. I know there are a few others also building this boat, it will be helpful to share our building experience. I have been reading the Forum pretty intensely the last few months and have obtained a wealth of knowledge I would not otherwise have known. Merry Christmas



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RE: Night Heron Hybird

Merry Christmas Mark,

I look Forward to watching your progress. The Knight Heron is a beautiful work of art.

Keep us all posted with photo's


WD12 hybrid   finished

Guillemot     in progress

Petrel        Just started    

RE: Night Heron Hybird

Hey Mark,

 I'm also building a Night Heron Hybrid, but this is my first build.  It's taking me quite awhile do to that pesky thing called a job, but it's coming along.  Here's a link to my blog with photos every step of the way.



RE: Night Heron Hybird

Great job !. Your blog is really going to assit me in my build. I built the SW 17 S & G but this is my first hybird. Your blog has already answered some questions that I had. Your website is a manuel for me to follow. Thanks for posting it. Mark

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