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Hey where did you guys get those neat "eye" images, like the ones they painted on the bows of Greek galleys?

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RE: Line Art

I didn't get them from anywhere, but I did actually consider putting a pair of eyeballs (Phoenecian, originally, I think) on my Jimmy Skiff, the Metaphor.  Decided against, though.  Too gimmicky.  I figure, the name and maybe a bright red pennant, either CLC's or one I can put together, will be just the right amount of non-serious.

But if I were to do it.  I would decide what I wanted the things to look like.  I would then choose some key points---inner and outer corners of the eyes certainly, maybe some additional points.  Then I would make some kind of jig to mark the points symmetrically on either side of the prow.  Maybe a piece of cardboard with a wedge cut out at the same angle as the prow, and inches marked on each side of the wedge.  This way I could mark the key points on corresponding places on the two sides.  And then paint freehand between key points.  Plan on n coats of paint, for some n that will cover the lower color with the upper, and as I am informed it is the idiom on this planet, the name of your father's brother is Robert.

RE: Line Art

If I were to do it I think I would find someone who could produce the artwork on a computer then take the file to a sign maker and have them cut out vinyl reproductions. That way if I didn't like the way they looked I could easily remove them.

RE: Line Art

Hey guys...  I just (today) epoxied on a pair of dolphins on both bows and a compass design on the foredeck.  I had read somewhere that you could, using your computer, print a design on rice paper.  When epoxy was applied the paper "goes away", leaving the design. 

Like I said, I did it today and it worked wonderfully.  I am computer challanged so I can't figure out how to add photos to these posts but if you email me, I'll attach photos to an email document.   Tugbruice at g mail cot commmmmmmm...    ~TUGBRUCE~

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