Annapolis Wherry twist

I thought my saw horses were unlevel, so I compensated with a block under the front starboard side while the boat is upside down.  Stem was straight then!

 Putting a level under the boat about 4 feet from the stem, you can see the starboard outwhale will be about 1 inch below the port outwhale.

 After realizing my error, and having stem, stern, and one run of gluing down the strake rabbeted gaps, should I attempt to twist her or is it definitely too late?

 IOW's, the next step (after one more glu run down the strakes) is gluing the fiberglass cloth inside.  I don't think anyone will notice, but I'd like to correct it if I can.

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RE: Annapolis Wherry twist

You get three chances to dial out any twist in the Annapolis Wherry.  The first is when you glue the laps.  The second is when you put the rails on.  The third is when you fillet in the seats.  So, you've got two more shots to straighten her out.  Very forgiving process!

RE: Annapolis Wherry twist

I haven't started my three CLC builds yet (WD 10, EP & PocketShip) but I have mostly finished a non-CLC 10' S&G boat. It was built on two saw horses. I used some nylon ratchet type tie-down straps at several stages of construction. I started by leveling the saw horses, and when it was stitched, put a level on the transom, and then on top of the gunwales at several points, and then snugged it down with the tie down straps, adjusting both for level and width, using the bulkheads as temporary guides. They were used again later when the bulkheads were going in permanently. The technique seems to have done the job. I know that it isn't perfect, but everything is pretty close to where it should be.

RE: Annapolis Wherry twist

I agree with Johnclc, above with one caveat. I had similar difficulties and found that I had to induce a little ant-twist when glueing the rails and thwarts. You have to overcome the twist induced by glueing the strakes. Those forces don't go away. You can't just clamp everything down flat and level and continue on. Check and re-check as you go. Capiche?

RE: Annapolis Wherry twist

I'm not that familiar with the Annapolis Wherry twist, but I have done the Northeast Dory rhumba, the Sea Island Sport foxtrot, the WR 18 frug and the Matunuk paso doble to name a few.

George K 

RE: Annapolis Wherry twist

Georges' fascinating note reminds me of one of the worst endings to a detective novel I have ever read.  I think it was called "The Epoxy Enigma"


The barkeep continued drying the shot glasses as he spoke.  "So, was it true what the fat man told you?  A nice calm ride, in spite of the misalignment of the hull?"

"Nope," I replied.  "I was in a state of shock when it was all over...just now getting myself back together."

"And what about the other thing he said, what was it...?"

"You mean that I would find the voyage inspiring?"

"Yeah, that was it."  He started to pour himself a nightcap, as the piano player closed the keyboard and started to fold up his music.

"I wouldn't say so," I murmured.

"Wait!  Do you mean...?"

"Exactly, Jimmy my friend."

I took a last long pull on my gin and tonic and set the glass down, the ice making a tinkling sound.  I flipped a few bills on the bar and turned to leave. 

"Annapolis Wherry with a twist.  Shaken, not stirred." I walked out into the gloom, pulling my fedora lower against the drizzle.  



RE: Annapolis Wherry twist

Thanks for the replies.  I couldn't reply on my iphone last week as clicking in the text block wouldn't give me a keyboard on this site.

I got her untwisted.  Wasn't bad at all with some help.


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