Wood Duck problem

This is a follow up post from several months ago.  I continue to have a problem closing the stern on my wood duck 10.  Despite soaking the wood in very hot water, drilling multiple extra holes for stitches (so many I ran out of wire long before starting on the deck), having two people pushing as hard as possible, the gap between the bottom panel and side panel can not be closed.  If I force it closed at the transom (wired or not), the wood overlaps greatly about 10 inches forward of the stern.  The rest of the boat wired up ok, and I was very carfull with the but joints so the panels are true.  At this point I am considering cutting the panel down where it overlaps which would allow me to close the gap at the transom but I am worried this would change the shape of the stern and mess up the deck alignment.  Another option would be to fabricate a fill in piece and plane down the top of the stern side panel at the stern where it stands about 1/2 inch proud of the transom.  If I push the panels together as hard as possible with a helper not allowing any overlap forward the gap is greater than 1/2 inch.   Any other ideas would be much appreciated.

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RE: Wood Duck problem

I used straps around the side hull pieces to pull them in.  Thread the straps between the bottom hull and side pieces.  Plus clamps at the stern.



RE: Wood Duck problem

I experienced the same problem.  Used Kim's method with a single strap plus a wooden screw clamp with sandpaper attached to the jaws using contact cement for a secure grip.  Also made a "sanding board" using a paint stirring stick, contact cement, and 80 grit sandpaper attached  to carefully shave off some of the excess panel material for a good fit.  No change in the contour of the hull noted. 

RE: Wood Duck problem

Thanks.  I did sand down the wood in the overlap area and this allowed me to close the gap at the stern with just 1/8 inch or so still prsent. I found that this removed the bevel in the area which actually helped align the areas.  I can now fill the gap with epoxy without the need for a fill in piece.  For the next challenge, see my new post.

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