glassing the wood duck hull

Should be warm enough in a few days to get my shop to 65  degrees and I will be glassing the outside of the hull.  The directions address the bow(cutting the glass cloth and over lapping the glass).

How about the stern, in particular the transom?  The directions don't talk about or show any pictures of the transom during the glass work.   Do I make 2 cuts in the glass or will the glass lay down and kind of dictate where to cut the cloth?



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RE: glassing the wood duck hull

I did one cut down the centre, same as the bow only did not remove a "V" of extra material.  That meant I had two layers of glass on the transom, biggest challenge was to not get the underlayer ballooning up when trying to smooth out the top layer.  In the end it worked very well. 

Also, if you have not already, check out Laszlo's very informative site on building a WD12.  I especially like the tape on the hull when glassing the deck as well as the plastic to cover the deck while epoxying the coaming so that you can remove it and finish sand before final mounting.

Enjoy the jouney and I look forward to welcoming you to the flock :)

RE: glassing the wood duck hull

thanks Dave

I have checked out Laszlo's sight and it has helped alot.

Thanks for the "glassing the transom thoughts".  It makes sense to make one slit and overlap.


RE: glassing the wood duck hull

Glassed the exterior of the hull today.  It was very intuitive when it came to the bow and stern.  Overlap of the bow was as advertised in the instructions and the glass layed down just fine.  The stern worked good with one cut and overlap the transom with both pieces of the side of the glass, I let the glass overlap about 2 inches on each side and the glass stayed down with no ballooning as it cured.

Thanks for your help and advise.


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