Wood Duck 12 hybrid epoxy qty

I have finished the interior fillets, coated the whole interior, and a 2nd coat filled the weave in the cockpit.  I have flipped it over and am sanding and filling some gaps in the hull, about to glass the exterior.  I have just over a 1/2 gallon of resin remaining.  How much resin did you other Wood Duck 12 Builders use in completing your boat?



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RE: Wood Duck 12 hybrid epoxy qty


I used every last drop of epoxy to finish my WD hibrid.

If you only have have half of your epoxy left at this point, I think you will fall short.

After going through the learning curve, I was able to use less epoxy to do a procedure.  You will use much less epoxy as you do more work.

I think that the epoxy in the kit is enough for someone who has built before but not for a newbe.

RE: Wood Duck 12 hybrid epoxy qty


I know I used too much epoxy on the interior.  I put on the initial amount to wet the cloth in the cockpit and wasn't patient enough to let it soak in, I added more and then realized it was too much and and it was hard to squeegie it out of the cloth.  I think it is good to do the interior first, it gives a new guy a chance to learn in an area that will mostly be covered up with a deck and the nice big creature comfort seat!!  Advice to new builders----use less epoxy initially than you think is required and give it time to soak in!

I am still enjoying  the build and learning stuff every step of the way.  No viking funerals planned and already looking forward to the next boat and how I will not make the same mistakes.

I have been making bamboo flyrods for 11 years and this is very similar.  The learning curve goes up rapidly and by my third rod they started looking great.  That begs to ask the question, how many yaks fit on the roof of the car??!!

Thanks to all of you on the forum for your input and advice!  Now I just need some warmer day. It is 20 degrees out this morning and my tent with lights and space heater in the garage barely get the "shop" up to 60 degrees!!


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