Guillemot Build

I started my build at the 14th of September this year. With CLCs excellent quality kit I made fast progress (closed the hull after a month).

After a pause of about six weeks because of two other projects: Walking across Switzerland from North to South (border to border) and building a new carnical vehicle, I will start making he deck in about a week.

I really love the elegant form of this boat.

Pictures of all projects can be found here


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RE: Guillemot Build

Pretty Work! I really like the shape of this one! Thanks for the pics.

RE: Guillemot Build


I spent so much time looking at the photos (of your walk across Switzerland) I haven't yet gotten to the Guillemot..., great photos, looks like the trip of a lifetime!

Thanks for sharing,


RE: Guillemot Build

Your Guillemot project looks great.  Keep up the good work.  I love the neat color contrast in the hull.

I am also building a Guillemot.  I used the lofting charts from Nick Schade's book to draw the forms.


RE: Guillemot Build

yup! this one is on the to do list.

RE: Guillemot Build

Hi Lou

thank you for sharing the pictures. The deck of your Guillemot looks really awesome - WOW! Congratulations to the excellent work.



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