Wood Duck 12 & Greenland paddles

Hello all.   I have been reading everything I could get my computer screen on regarding CLC kits and will be ordering my very own Wood Duck 12 within the next two weeks.  Next year will be a Passagemaker IF I can bring myself to cut it apart.  So my question of the hour is a two parter.  First, has anyone ever used a Greenland paddle with the WD-12? 

 I'm hoping John or one of you folks have and can answer the second part of the question.  Due to her wide beam, how long, overall should it be AND, how wide should the loom be.  The conventional measurment of the loom is about 11" shorter than a rule of thumb of the kayak's beam plus your fists.

So, to make sure I am putting the kayak (cart) in front of the paddle(horse), I built my fisrt Greenland paddle yesterday!!!! Yeah, yeah, I know, but I'm so excited about adding yet another Wood Duck to your flock, I had to do something until I can afford to order my kit and it turned VERY well....


I await the wealth of knowledge that is about to pour in.  Tugbruce in Northern California...

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RE: Wood Duck 12 & Greenland paddles

I've paddled a whole slew of similarly sized kayaks with a Greenland paddle. Make the loom however wide you find comfortable - about shoulder width is fine. Unless you are overly concerned with exacting detail, you will never notice the need for a wider or narrower loom on most any boat you paddle.

BUT, unless you have a spray skirt, a GP is not a good choice for a boat with a cockpit that big. You will be shipping great quantities of water into the boat - via your lap. Really.

While I vastly prefer a GP over a Euro for flatwater paddling, boats like these (many of which are not designed for standard spray skirts) are one place I advocate Euros with big drip rings.

 Good luck!

Dave Gentry

RE: Wood Duck 12 & Greenland paddles

I use a Greenland paddle in a WD12.  It works great.  You will get very wet so if it is cold you will need a spray skirt.


RE: Wood Duck 12 & Greenland paddles

Half way through my first GP.  Have tried the GP and L-O-V-E it!, The WD12 launched last June and even with the Euro and drip rings you still get wet... not as much as the GP, I added a splash skirt and now stay nice and dry.  Seals does make skirts for this size of cockpit, but they are easy to sew if you are cheap... er, resourseful ;)

RE: Wood Duck 12 & Greenland paddles

Hey...  Thank you for the feedback, Dave, Lou and Dave...  As I said, I've already built the GL paddle.  19" loom and 85" overall.  It turned out looking GREAT, but heavy.  I used a narrow piece of fir at the center ans spruce on the body & "blades.  It is strong but weighs 42 oz.   I plan on recreational use only, no coastal trips or voyages to the South Seas.

 I applied 3 coats of Tung Oil as a finish & it looks great.  I'll use cedar on my next one to reduce the weight.  Thank you again.  I can't wait to start building !!!!!  My WD-12 will be named DAFFY DUCK, after one of my childhood heros so I'll sign o\ff by saying   WOO HOO....   ~Tugbruce~

RE: Wood Duck 12 & Greenland paddles

So... Has anyone ever tried drip groves on paddles?  They have them on the undersides of sheer rub rails on older larger boats.  Maybe, when DAFFY DUCK is ready, I'll cut in drip groves on the paddles and see if that omits or atleast helps shed some of the water.  Comments????

RE: Wood Duck 12 & Greenland paddles

So...  I ordered my WOOD DUCK 12 last Friday and, today, I went out in a plastic-fantastic (Gag.....) kayak for a few hours to try out the Greenland paddle I built.  I'm reporting back for anyone interested, it was GREAT.   A little wet (No place for drip rings BUT I'm working on that) , but was very easy to use.  My buddy who provided the kayaks, also provided me with the  Euporean "conventional" paddle & I liked the Greenland as much if not a tad bit more.  RECOMMENDATION..  If you are thinking about building a Greenland paddle, JUST DO IT !!!     ~Tugbruce`

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