Mill Creek 13 launch

Hey everybody.  I launched my Mill Creek 13 today!  It went great!  This was a first build for my dad and I.  I bought John Harris' "Stitch and Glue Boatbuilding" book a year ago and we got the plans from there.  We started it back in July.  It was a great project and now my Dad is going to buy a Chesapeake 17 kit for himself.  I would like to thank everyone who contributes to this forum.  There is a wealth of knowledge on here and as rookies we accessed it daily.  Here are a few pictures from my facebook account.  I'll have much better quality photos up soon on a different site.  Thanks again for all the help.!/album.php?aid=2445946&id=22908906

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RE: Mill Creek 13 launch

Here is a link where everyone can view the photos of our journey in building our first kayak.  This album starts with construction phase and ends with most recent paddling photos.  I hope you enjoy it.


RE: Mill Creek 13 launch

My Dad and I

RE: Mill Creek 13 launch

RE: Mill Creek 13 launch

   Love the color combination of you kayak. Just got the plans and will begin build soon.

Hope can ask you question as I go along..



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