Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival

I am planning on attending the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival on Saturday. Is there an area to launch your kayak for a paddle, can you bring your CLC kayak to the show and park it at the CLC booth? Any information would be appreicated.


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RE: Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival

There are two walk down floating ramps available for kayaks and other small craft to launch from. There aren't any booths, per se, just a grassy area to put your boats. Parking them with CLC depends on how many boats they bring and how much real estate they occupy.

I'll be there with my WR18 and CH17lt. A few other CLC builders are coming as well. Looking forward to meeting you!

George K

RE: Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival

George K, 

Must one register or can you just show up with your kayak?

RE: Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival

You'll need to register. They have "Day Of" registration as today is the last day you could have mailed in one. Won't be a problem at all to just show up!

George K

RE: Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival

Keep in mind that there's 2 options for getting in.

One is basically admission to the museum grounds and lets you walk around the festival. You can talk to the folks, see the entire museum, buy stuff from the vendors, etc. If you're borrowing a participant's boat you can use the docks.

The other lets you be a full festival participant and includes meals and a hunting license for dock space. It's about 4x the price of entry

If you just pay the museum entry fee, you'll have to launch your boats at the city docks (free) across the harbor and try and squeeze into the single dinghy dock along with everyone else.

Either way is great fun. Be ready to see lots of fun boats and good boat people, as well as a really good museum.



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