too much sanding?

I just did my first round of sanding on the deck which I plan to varnish. I used 80 grit and it fairly uniform. My problem is there are some areas where I can see the weave of the fiberglass. Seems if I now go to 220, Ill get into the fiberglass for sure.  Any suggestions? Should I do a light coat of epoxy now and then just hit it with 220 and be done?



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RE: too much sanding?

Run a wet rag over it. If the weave disappears, you're fine, you haven't sanded too far.

The purpose of the #220 is to take out the #80 scratches, not to take off bulk epoxy anymore. That's what the #80 was for. So just use light to moderate pressure, just enough to make the surface smoother, not thinner.



RE: too much sanding?

I've only built one kayak, but I've been a woodworker for years. Going from 80 to 220 grit is a huge jump, and would be considered a no-no in woodworking. Not true for sanding epoxy? I go from 80 to 150 to 220 myself.

Cheers, Pat

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