Outdoor Storage

I'd like to store my Shearwater Hybrids outside over the winter. They'll be up on racks and in the heavy duty Danuu covers. Do I need to worry about the finish cracking or other issues?

Thx, Pat

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RE: Outdoor Storage

I have my kayak on sawhorses under a Danuu cover. It has been stored like that for two years now.  The cover has gotten faded in some places, moldy in other places, but the kayak still looks great.  The finish only has the normal wear marks from using it, no cracking or damage from the elements.  

RE: Outdoor Storage

Thanks, Casey.

Where are you located? I'm in NJ, and it gets pretty cold over the winter.




RE: Outdoor Storage

I am in the Seattle area, where it can get pretty cold, but the moisture is the real killer on things stored outside.  

RE: Outdoor Storage

What's a Danuu cover, where do you get it?

RE: Outdoor Storage


RE: Outdoor Storage

CLC sells them. I got mine at Jersey Paddler, my local shop.

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