Guillemot inner stem "HOOKS"

I bought a complete Guillemot kit. As far as I can see the patterns for the inner stems have kind of a hook at their upper ends.

I doubt wheter I can put the completed hull off the form with these two end hooks in place.

Must I

- cut the hooks off the inner stems

- cut a piece off the endform malls

to be able to put the hull off the malls when hull stripping amd outside glassing is completed?

Inner Stem Hooks

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RE: Guillemot inner stem "HOOKS"

Stupid me ...

I simply thought that the pattern part shows the CUT for the inner stem. But it shows the inner border of the stem bevel only.

This means I can cut the inner stem so that taking off the completed hull from the end malls is possible (without the upper hooks).

But this entry might be probably of some value to someone other building a Guillemot too. I was simply unable to find any info to this in the kit, the book "Strip Built Sea Kayaks", nor in the plans or in the videos on this site.

RE: Guillemot inner stem "HOOKS"

Hi there

First time Guillemot builder here. We had the same realisation that the hooks will lock the hull onto the form - but in our case, we only figured this out after cutting and fitting the internal stems (picture below). However, I think the hook will help to keep the stem secure while strips are laid (I read a lot about the huge forces on the endform). I'm considering leaving the hooked stem in place until the hull is stripped, and either cutting off the stem at the sheer line, or cutting out the hook. Is this a good idea? Any advice would be appreciated.

RE: Guillemot inner stem "HOOKS"

Sorry, I don't know why the picture doesn't display in the previous post. Here's a link.


RE: Guillemot inner stem "HOOKS"

Hi Nathan

you are right, and I was wrong. Based on my experience so far it is defintively better to cut the hooks AFTER finishing the hull. They really help to keep the inner stems in place, and the force of the bent upwards strips is really rather high.

I had to use some trick to keep the stem in place.

In case of interest you can find some pics and explanations concerning my build under

Next time I will ask my supervisor first :-))

The Supervisor

RE: Guillemot inner stem "HOOKS"

Thanks burningman. You are lucky to have such a wise supervisor.

We're recording our progress at


RE: Guillemot inner stem "HOOKS"

Wow.  I really screwed this part up.  Rather than explain what I did I'll just post the pictures below:

Outlining the stem

Before planing & sanding to fit

Fitted and glued in place

Now I'm off to buy some more wood to fix the inner stems.  Thanks for posting your information.  I too find the lack of instructions for assembling the forms woeful. 

RE: Guillemot inner stem "HOOKS"


These pics might be of some value to somebody:







And just to say - I've moved all guillemot build info to another/new/better place:

In case of interest I offer all persons interested in the opportunity to publish their build (any kind of boat w/o using fuel) or their no fuel consumption journey for free on this professional platform:

In case of interest please let me know [email protected]

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