Behlen Solar Lux stain

I had posted a question on Shade's forum regarding the finish on the Petrel as shown in the CLC catalog. The only response I got was that Nick "probably" stained it with Behlen Solar Lux. Does anyone on this forum know more? Also, does anyone have any experience with these stains? Specifically, are they compatible with epoxy?

Jim L 

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RE: Behlen Solar Lux stain

I suspect a search of 'Behlen Solar Lux' will bring up a plethora of posts on this topic.  I haven't used the stain - but if I was going that route, this is the product most seem to prefer. 

 Try emailing CLC, or Nick, if you  prefer. is his other site.  There's also a lot of builders over there who have done what you're contemplating.  And don't sweat it too much - this is the fun stuff.

RE: Behlen Solar Lux stain is the produce web site nick has a prior post that he used
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