sanding primer

i ihave seen pictures of primer that has been almost all sanded off.  ihave put primer on my kayak and about to sand that.  i am wondering if i need to sand it down t the epoxy or almost to the epoxy or just until i get the smoothness i desire? 

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RE: sanding primer

i am usuing the interlux products sold by clc.  there is no mention of how far to take the sanding of primer in the tips section.

RE: sanding primer

Assuming you're using high-build primer, which fills scratches, hollows and dings. By the time you get the smoothness you want, you will have sanded most of the first coat off. Most of the second coat will remain. -Wes

RE: sanding primer

My understanding is that the primer is simply to create a super smooth, fair surface, not to aid adhesion.  So I don't think a second coat is really necessary unless you are trying to get away with minimal finish coats.  Red and yellow typically require more coats than other colors, so an overall even colored primer second coat may reduce the number of finish coats required.


On my wherry, the Oyster White interior covered the splotchiness of the primer in two coats completely.  On the yellow exterior it will take 4 or 5 coats to get total uniformity.

RE: sanding primer

i am using the pre-kote and i started with a very smooth epoxy finish.  so i think i will just sand until i get the smoothness i want and then paint.  i have few flaws and the ones i noticed after a wash and dry are barely noticable with the fingers.  this is my first time to paint.

RE: sanding primer

I agree with Wes and Pete.  Here are a few pics of my Jimmy Skiff during and after painting...

JS Primer  JS Primer Sanded 

JS Painted

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