Shearwater 17 - max shoe size

I am thinking about building another boat, maybe a Shearwater 17. I read somewhere on here that the stated max shoe size for this boat (12.5) is a little too generous and that a size 10 shoe is more realistic. Has anyone run into this issue?


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RE: Shearwater 17 - max shoe size

I'm 5' 9", 9.5" shoe and my shearwater 17 h fits me great! I know twofootartist has had issues, being a half a foot taller than me. 


RE: Shearwater 17 - max shoe size

I built a Shearwater 17 S&G from a CLC kit based upon their representation that my size 11 NRS paddling shoes would have plenty of room. They were so cramped, however, that I had to stop and walk around every hour or so of paddling. So I sold that boat and, on Eric Schade's recommendation, built a Merganser 17W hybrid. The Shearwater is based on the Merganser hull, but the 17W is an inch wider and about 1/2 inch higher in the foot space. That's all I needed. If you have shorter legs, you might be able to use bigger shoes, but my 34" inseam puts me at the end of the foot pegs.

RE: Shearwater 17 - max shoe size

I also have a Shearwater 17. I'm 6'1" 206 lb Size 12EE feet. I ended up cutting 1" off the tips of my NRS booties so my feet would fit. Before that I couldn't move my feet at all, they were wedged in tight and legs would cramp up. Now all is well, my booties dry faster, I can paddle for hours and have enough room to move my feet. I'm planning my next build (this winter) Either a West River18 or a HD Hybrid Heron.


RE: Shearwater 17 - max shoe size

I am 6' tall with size 11. I also have the SW 17 S&G, built last year. I find the fit somewhat cramped but not so much that I consider it an issue. This is speaking for myself of course. If your shoe size is anything less than 11 it should be a perfect fit.  

RE: Shearwater 17 - max shoe size

I am the designer and have enjoyed my Shearwater 17 and many other boats of my own design.  I wear size 11 or 12 shoes and fit fine,,,,the boat was first designed to fit me. 

The one thing is, I do not wear sandles or other "big" shoes while paddling.  I do wear booties here in the cold water of Maine or light watershoes when paddling warmer conditions.

The shearwater is designed as a medium to low volume boat so it does not have room to spare for shoes that are larger than your feet

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