Help with Keel after rounding over

Need to see if anyone has any suggestions on fixing this dip in the keel or let me know if I should even worry about it. I dont believe this occured when stitching the hull together as everything looked pretty true. I think this happened while I was sanding the chines and keel yesterday to round everything over.  Doesnt anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this or should I ignore it?




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Here is a photo

Chesapeake 18 keel

RE: Help with Keel after rounding over


I had a spot like that (not as noticeable, but there) and ignored it 'cause there didn't seem to be anything practicable to do about it.  That said, my boat tracks true (Chese 17LT) and nobody but me notices it.  Seems that short of a lot of extra thickened epoxy, there's little to do about it now.

I guess you could slice the seam, drive some wedges in and re-epoxy it, hoping for more riser along that ridge, but I doubt you'll notice anything in the way it performs once launched.

Keep going; finish, paddle, enjoy!


RE: Help with Keel after rounding over

y boat has the same issue not quite as prominate though. Haven't tried it yet but I don't think it will make a difference. I hummed and hawed about it for a while and decided there was nothing I could do.

Good luck, I'd just keep building.



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