C17 Cockpit combing

I just got the deck attached to m boat and am hoping to glass it tomorrow, after that it is time to install the coming. My question is has anyone ever used the homemade pipe C clamps for the combing and how well does it work? I've got 10 other clamps I can use as well to assist, but would that work well enough?



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RE: C17 Cockpit combing


I have had good luck using regular c clamps and spring clamps where the most pressure is needed or just evenly spaced where no special force is required and then fill in the gaps between those with as many home-made pipe-clamps as will fit.  That way the factory clamps hold everything in alignment and the pipe guys give you the squish in between.  You do know I presume that the first rule of boat building is: "there are never enough clamps!!"

Good luck, Paul

RE: C17 Cockpit combing

Check your local dollarama (dollar store), mine has clamps, the spring clamps were not big enough, but they also had little bar clamps, at a buck a clamp goes a long way. 

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