Bow rub strip for WD12

I have put the kevlar strips on a couple of canoes so am familiar with that option.  I need to do something for my wife's Wood Duck, the first weekend we had already rubbed through the carbon (two coats).  What I do not want to do is ruin the fine edge that is the bow of the duck.  I'm thinking my best option is a very small piece of kevlar felt.  The boat gets fairly heavy use, out on average twice a week, we are careful with our beach landings.  I'm OK with use (aka scratches), looking for a balance of keeping the very cool knife edge bow and functional boat that we can relax and enjoy.

Anyone tried metal (I'm thinking brass) like on antique boats?

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RE: Bow rub strip for WD12


Are your current rub strips carbon over dynel cloth?  I cannot believe they would wear thru like that. 

I put those strips on my MC 16.5 two years ago and they do not show any wear at all.  Now, I do very few beach landings, but the stern gets set down on the asphalt every time I load or unlaod the boat  Were your strips new?  Maybe they were short on cure time.r

Brass always looks great.  Are you willing to take the added weight? 


RE: Bow rub strip for WD12

Try adding 15% cab-o-sil to the graphite/epoxy mix.



RE: Bow rub strip for WD12

Currently do not have rub strips.  I finshed the boat same as Laszlo, carbon under coat, bright top sides.  I was thinking of a cab-o-sil option.  I did that on my SOF and it is working brilliantly, though I am a little more cautious with her, but beach landings are about the same.  I had not dynel cloth option... think I will try the cab-o-sil first since I have that on hand.  As for the extra weight of copper, thinking it would not even be a pound.

Thanks for the advice.

RE: Bow rub strip for WD12

David, I have used 3mm stainless steel wire with success. Check out this thread.



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