epoxy developments?

Not that I didn't enjoy varnishing my ch16 when I built it, and will need to again, but is there any reason why they haven't developed an epoxy that can resist harmful UV rays? Does anyone know if they ever plan on developing this?


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RE: epoxy developments?

Jay They have begun to improve E-poxy's resistance toUV but the harsh reality is that the degradation is occuring mainly at the surface of the wood in the wood e-poxy matrix so to solve that we will need some UV proof wood to build with as well as UV proof e-poxy I guess we just have to deal with it for now


RE: epoxy developments?

West has an exterior coatings hardner that is supposed to address this problem.

RE: epoxy developments?

The west sysem product has a UV inhibitor as do most of the major players now in the game and it does show some promise but it is still not an answer to real uv protection with proper finishes ie. paint (best) varnish but please remember to watch how the makers label it and then look at there test data to be sure that it has really improved, again the real issue is the bonding matrix at thr wood to epoxy surface in other words the wood surface  is usually as much to blame as the epoxy itself the bottom line is there are still no shorcuts if you want to make it last give it the protection it deserves


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