Rudder and Foot Brace Question

Guys, I know some of you have Feather Craft rudders with other brands of brace/peddles (for example, dehager has SeaDog  braces and a FeatherCraft rudder).  Can I buy the rudder kit without the braces from CLC and use different foot braces?  Also, if I delete the braces/peddles will all the cables and other necessary parts still be included with the rudder?  My desire is to have all the necessary parts and not have to go shopping or wait for other parts to arrive.

Dana, if you see this, maybe you could give me an idea of what to order.



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RE: Rudder and Foot Brace Question


Not quite sure why you want to mix and match systems.  I put the Smart Trac system on my Shearwater 17 and it works great.  I do know you can get Smart Trac Toe Pilot Foot braces from CLC, cables included.  I do not know if they sell rudders without foot braces or not.  That's best asked direclty of customer service.


RE: Rudder and Foot Brace Question

I ordered the K2 kit from CLC but did not use the sliding braces. I liked the large food pad of the SeaDog's and the toe control. It works well if wearing booties, Tevas or bare feet. If it were an enclosed kayak I may have gone with Smart Track due to it's smaller foot pad. The SeaDogs were also half the price of the SmartTrack braces.

RE: Rudder and Foot Brace Question

Thanks for that info. I think I may want a rudder soon.

RE: Rudder and Foot Brace Question


If this is going to be a 1-person boat, another option is to fabricate your own foot pads and controls. I dislike rudder controls that move when I push with my feet during the paddle stroke. What I did was make a foot pad from 3 mil plywood that extends from my heel to the ball of my foot. I can position my feet in the center on either side of the keel seam or splayed outward to the sides. This gives me a good solid platform to push against with my feet. The controls are an aluminum bar that pivots in the center and is adjusted with toe pressure. Cables and tubing are available at any hardware store.

And, another creative option is an integral rudder. I cut out a 4"x12" section of the stern that now pivots as an integrated rudder. A bungee cord system keeps it centered when not in use. It is lightweight and produces no drag.


Hope this helps. 



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