quack quack splash

Launched my wife's WD12 on Friday.  Saturday and Sunday I was at Paddlefest in Toronto, gave a talk on building your own boat (BYOB).  Got her out in the waves on Saturday, close to a metre, it was like a carnival ride - fun, not scary.  She felt better in the waves than on the flat.  What a great little boat!

Thanks to CLC and all the helpful folks on the forum!  and now onto my Chessie 18, right after I go paddling ;)

proud new owner!

Copper inlay on the transom

The below picture might not work in the forum so here is the link: http://www.sidekickscafe.ca/LeoJun2010_089.jpg - I "discovered" a feature oon my camera phone ;)on the water

Elf, the dog, waiting for his ride


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RE: quack quack splash

Very Nice Dave ! Looks Great

As I was saying let me know when you want to try my ch16 coaming on for size.

Ted B


RE: quack quack splash

Thanks Ted, email me david at dragonsong dot ca and we'll set up a time.

RE: quack quack splash

Well done, Dave!

The fleet is getting seriously large. I wonder how many WD's have been completed at this point? Is that copper inlay on the stern? What does the symbol mean? Looks as if you've figured out how to make your wife happy. Just be sure that your CH18 isn't prettier or faster than her Duck :-)

Welcome to the fleet!



RE: quack quack splash

yes copper inlay - got the idea from a post on this site.  The symbol is "Leo" as in the star sign.  my C18 is named named "Aquarius", am planning to do maple onlays of the constellation itself. I figure if Aquarius turns out better than Leo, then I have an excuse for Leo II ;) 

Thanks for the welcome and the fleet.  I was wondering about the size of the raft (I prefer that term over “paddling” even though these ducks are on water ;) – seems that 50% of the posts are WDs, but after paddling her for three days, can see why she is a popular bird :-D

RE: quack quack splash

P.S. yes, she is VERY happy with the new toy, last night we went for a lovely evening paddle after work.

RE: quack quack splash

It looks very nice, and a nice place to paddle. Welcome to the flock.


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