Carving a Foam Seat

After a four-hour, ten-mile paddle yesterday, my butt was a bit sore, so today I carved a new seat out of 3" closed cell foam. Instead of using a grinder or disk sander, though, I used a Stanley Surfoam file - the little curved one - which was quick and easy. Photos and description can be found at the end of my Merganser page at

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RE: Carving a Foam Seat

Nice seat---I value my back side and the plan is to make one for my Duck---CZ

RE: Carving a Foam Seat


 I did this for my C16 before I splashed it.  Worth all the effort by far, as I've been able to paddle for 2+ hours without any discomfort at all (except in my thighs, but that will be fixed by some extra padding in that area).  I attached mine by velcro, which allows me to take it out to dry off between outings.  


RE: Carving a Foam Seat

I am looking forward to another long paddle next Wednesday with the new seat. I didn't glue it or otherwise attach it because it fits tightly between the hip braces and is further held in place by the hip pads. I can slide it back or forth with moderate effort to adjust it (but not when sitting on it) and could remove it completely. It's tight enough, though, that it won't come out by itself even if the cockpit is flooded. -Wes

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