Completing Build Before Glassing

Is it feasible to complete the construction of the hull and deck before glassing any of it?  I have a design that wraps from the deck onto the hull.  I'd like to complete the design work as a single piece to ensure consistency of the colors.

 Normal construction has us complete the hull then glass it.  Taking this approach, I'm compelle to draw the entire piece full scale on a ream of paper and transfer the sections onto the hull. 

 Any suggestions on completing the wood working before starting on the glassing?


Dusty Rhodes

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RE: Completing Build Before Glassing

Which boat?



RE: Completing Build Before Glassing

Ch 16.  I built a Ch 17 a couple of years ago and I'm pretty comfortable with the wood working part of the project.  

I'm concerned about the epoxy/glass wrapping down onto the deck when I have the boat inverted for glassing the hull.  I'm envisoning that I can mask along the gunwale, apply the glass/epoxy to the hull, then remove the masking before the epoxy sets completely.

RE: Completing Build Before Glassing


Should be no problem. Click on the picture to see how I used packing tape to get a clean glass line on my WD12.


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