And yet another WD 12

Spashed my WD 12 Hybrid for the first time today at Canyon Lake Texas. I was really impressed with the way it tracked, it's stability, and speed. Hopefully these pictures will post. Barry

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RE: And yet another WD 12

RE: And yet another WD 12

RE: And yet another WD 12

I seem to have difficulty getting the pictures attached. And now that I did, it is not the complete shot. Please help. Thanks, Barry

RE: And yet another WD 12

Barry ---good looking Duck but I have to say that your seat [or the lack of one] looks a little uncomforable. Did you do the graphite on the bottom of the hull ?

My mother [76] is the cronic worrier and she is sure that my Duck upon completion will sink with me in it--my Ducks first swim will be in the lake behind their house to show her and calm her fears. So that how was the Duck for tracking, handeling and stability ? Top notch looking job--you should be proud---CZ

P.S. the forms are staying in till after the top and bottom are fastened together.

RE: And yet another WD 12

Thanks CZ. I used the happy bottom seat, and after 2 1/2 hours I was starting to get a bit uncomfortable. The bottom is graphite, and even though I put the boat down gently on a concrete ramp, there were no scratches. The performance was excellent. It was so stable, too the point that it almost did not feel like a kayak. I was able to sit on the gunnel and swing in to the cockpit. That's something that I could never do with any other kayak. Tracking was superb in an 8 to 12 knot breeze with slight chop, and speed was great. I will need to add foam for shin braces against the cocpit coaming. Finished weight fully rigged was 39lbs 15 oz's. No end pours.

Only half of the picture posted. Any help in getting the full picture to post would be appreciated.

RE: And yet another WD 12

She looks great.  I too am from TX., San Antonio.  I recently finished a WD10 (see another Wood Duck finds the water)  and I am using the seat that came with the kit along with some thigh supports I made from foam.

Have fun maybe we will run into each other at the lake.  I'll be back in the fall.

Coach C. 

RE: And yet another WD 12

Barry, can't wait to see the rest of your images, so I hope you get it figured out.  My hunch is that anything wider than a certain dimension will get cut off on the right hand side.  For some reason I'm thinking the limit might be 500, although I can't relocate where I saw something like that.  Until somebody who knows what they're doing chimes in, you might try inputting smaller dimensions in that little Insert Image dialog box.  Your boat looks great!


RE: Posting pictures...


When you upload your photos (I'm guessing to an on-line storage site like ""), do you choose the correct photos size?  Tinypic recommends 380x400 (or some such) for message boards like this.  Mine have all posted within the limits of these pages, for what that's worth.

Nice to hear you got 2.5 hours on your seat; my behind was numb after 45 minutes (and my toes fell asleep, to boot (no pun intended!)).

Great looking boat, excellent workmanship.  I love stripped decks!


RE: And yet another WD 12

Attention all Sleeping Butts and Feet,

You may have seen my post a few weeks ago when I went thru the sleeping leg & foot problem in my new Shearwater 17H.  I could only go about 15 minutes before getting numb.  the first thing I did was adjust the back band and foot pegs so I could reach the pegs but not be jammed up against them.  This was all using the standard kit tractor seat.  This adjustment let me make a 2 1/2-hour paddle without major problems.  In the meantime, I ordered a 24"x24"x3" block of minicell foam.  Got the block last week and carved on Friday.  Tested the seat on Saturday and it seems to be good.  I was out for an hour and a half with no problem except for the 90 degree heat.  This seat extends all the way forward to the backs of my knees.  As carved, the seat had me elevated a 1/2" or so above the tractor seat and I could really tell the difference in reduced stability.  Carved out some more material yesterday and now think I have a good comfortable & low seat.  I find that what works best for me is to have my knees just below the knee braces when I am relaxed.  Then, by just tensing my legs I can lock into the braces when I need the added control.  Hope all this helps.


RE: And yet another WD 12

OK guys, I resized the pictures on and hopefully this will work.

RE: And yet another WD 12

Now that I think I know how to load the images, here is a sequence of splashing for the first time. Exciting for me. I likam really pleased that the boat floats perfectly on her lines. Thanks for all the help in helping me post these. Barry

RE: And yet another WD 12

Barry nice additional pictures----I did not know that Texas has "hills like that". I like your coaming strips--I was leaning towards doing the same. Good to hear that the duck is that stable--I was hoping to do some flyfishing from my boat and it sounds like it may be do-able The thought of hooking a lunker and being towed would be a great experience----CZ

P.S. Hey Paul I am all about avoiding the sleeping butt and leg syndrome--I just ordered my mini-cell foam block--nice link on how to carve one out....CZ again

RE: And yet another WD 12

Wow, this is fun. I had to leave town for a bit, and a whole flock of Ducks seem to have hatched while I was gone. Barry, very nice. That compass rose is a nice accent. Also, can't exactly tell from the pictures, but is your coaming made of individual vertical bits? I saw Kurt Maurer & Ross Leidy do that and it looked really sharp. Well done, welcome to the fleet!

CZ - in case you haven't seen it yet, check out the picture of my wet rentry into a Duck at .  That'll give you a good idea of exactly how stable it is.



RE: And yet another WD 12


The strips in the cockpit are verticle and angled forward 30 degrees. I put a little v shaped wedge forward and aft where the strips came together. This being my first kayak to build, I was enjoying the build so much, that I was looking for things to do so that I could keep working at it. Now I am trying to decide which will be the next boat. I want to thank you for all of your posts. I found them extreamly helpful and informative.


Yes, Texas has hills. It's called the Texas Hill Country. I launched at the Lake Canyon Yacht Club, a sailing club of which I am a member. And yes, I believe you can easily fish out of the WD.

Thanks, Barry

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