First time out

Launched today first time.  The boat is more stable than I thought it'd be, although I tipped it once and got a lap full of water..., still, nothing I had to pump out.

The river we chose was rather muddy (not my choice) but had little traffic on it and very little current.  So a good first time out.  Need to take a class and really get it wet - build some confidence in moving around.

All in all, great fun!


































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RE: First time out

Wow, beautiful boat Larry!  Think you have enough bungees on deck? :)  Seriously though, I'd love to see some pics of her in the water... she looks fast even on top of the bimmer!  

Looks like your balance point is a little further aft then mine is, as I need to have the forward edge of the cockpit about 1/4 of the way back from the front roof rack.  Your paint scheme makes me wish I had done my original idea of painting the sheerline.  

Well done!  


RE: First time out

Larry, It looks awesum, you should be very proud.  So when are you starting the next one?

I do have one question... why the riser blocks on the bungees?  I like it, just dont know if it is for a reason other than looks.


RE: First time out

Congratulations Larry.  We will all be waiting for some water photos.

RE: First time out

It´s beautiful. Congratulations!


RE: First time out

Chris, yeah, lots of bungies.  I guess I thought this might one day be and "expeditionary" Yak...!  But they do come in handy, for water bottles, pumps, etc.

The balance point on that Bimmer may be misleading..., it was leaning forward without the aft strap on it.  I wanted it far enough forward to allow for a nose strap/rope to the bumper.  It'd fit better on my Land Rover (Disco), but I'm not sure I can lift it that high!

The risers under the bungies were, in fact, for looks.  Found a similar picture here and liked the affect (these are Zebra wood, very nice grain).  But they also make it easier to slip your fingers underneath to lift them up.  That's my story....

Thanks for all the compliments!  We took some water-shots today and I'll have them up as soon as I get them.  She glides through the water with very little effort (must be that pointy nose and Interlux finish!).  The three plastic boats I was with were very impressed with how little effort it took to paddle her.  With a little practice, I should be able to scoot along at quite a clip..., for now, staying upright is my primary objective.

More to come,


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