Patuxent 19.5

How can I get the panel offsets for the Patuxent 19.5?

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RE: Patuxent 19.5

Question: Why do you want the 19.5 instead of the Pax 20 which solves some of the issues people had with the 19.5?

RE: Patuxent 19.5

I built a Pax 20 about 6 years ago.  I have put a lot of miles on it both recreational and training plus a bit of racing, but for harder paddling I suspect it is too big for me (about 160 lbs wet).  I remember paddling a demo boat some years before that - a boat that felt quite unstable at rest, very stable at speed, and faster than the Pax feels.  I think it was the Patuxent, but am not positive.  When the Pax 20 came out, I tried it at a CLC demo day, and was surprised how stable it felt, even at rest.  CLC told me that was because they had added volume in the bow and stern, compared to its predecessor.  So I'm curious if Patuxent, with its slightly shorter waterline, and less volume in the ends, would be better sized for me.  

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